The Tourist Center of Certified Guided tours of Panama proudly introduces an art division of our organization; The Panama Center of Art and Culture.

We create to promote this wonderful Country that is Panama. It is the starting point of many of our activities and projects. We are Certified national guides with 15 years exploring Panama with our guest from all over the world. We have in our YouTube Channel over 42,159 videos. We are proud to announce that we now provide artists an environment to create, converse, inspire and be inspired outside of daily routines and traditional confines of their home life.

From the moment artists arrive they’re immersed in our project and the color and depth of the local community.

The Panama Center of Art and Culture is brought you by The Tourist Center of Certified Guided tours of Panama is looking for:

  • Paintings that will translate one of a kind experiences of the natural wealths of what Panama has to offer that is distinct to any other country.
  • Murals
  • 3 D Art 
  • Conceptual art that communicates to the every day Panamanian that will expose the world to the beauty of of what is Panama.     

In addition to creating work while at the residency, artists will attend openings and talks, visit artist spaces and galleries, and receive vital feedback from art professionals through one-on-one studio visits and public open houses. Artists work communally.

This space is located in Vacamonte, a small town 25 minutes from Panama City, Panama.

We are an inspiring place for creativity. Our art residency program is in one of a kind in an Central American country that achieves to unite artists around the world and to shorten the distances between old and new technologies in various artistic genres.

Some of David Sloan Art

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